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It is time to find sponsors for the icons which will adorn our Church's Iconostasis. If you are interested, please click here and choose an icon you would like to bid on.

  Archbishop Stefan

On Sunday, October the 10-th 1999, His Beatitude †Stefan - the fifth successive Head of Macedonian Orthodox Church since the restoring of the autocephalous Ohrid Archbishopric was enthroned on the throne of the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia. His election was conducted in accordance with the Constitution and provisions of the Macedonian Orthodox Church for adoption by the Assembly in accordance with the cannon of the Orthodox Church.
This Holy Ordination was held at the Archbishopric Cathedral Church St Sophia in Ohrid Macedonia, which has been the sacred place for the witnessing of Macedonian Christian Orthodox faith since the 11-th Century in Ohrid.
As a helmsman of the Macedonian spiritual ship just like his predecessors, His Beatitude †Stefan, Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia, will surely leave his mark “…because to be a Head of our holy Macedonian Church, in this times, one needs additional strength and a lots of wisdom in order to find truly God-pleasing solutions for everyday life of the church and for the conduct of each and every one of us…”.
The American-Canadian Diocese of Macedonian Orthodox Church, as of now is under supervision of Episcope Methodius.





Recently fire damaged Prilep's monastery Treskavec and whole Christian Macedonia is mobilized to help and re-build it.
Angry young men entered and damaged our church which we built with so much love and effort.
Help us to repair the damage and finish our church.
We appreciate any help you can give. Use secure PayPal form to donate.


The church and cultural center is about 80% finished and awaiting donations to finish it, needed is about $300.000 so it could open and be self-sufficient, with hall rental and catering. The church has the icons and is offering bids to secure one for your family to have for this and next century’s, an ICON, in our belief is the angel that will guard your family, keep you healthy and happy.

Interested can call 623-825-1006 or 602-723-9196 to pick an ICON and bid.

The church board is asking all Macedonians in America & Canada and all Macedonians through-out the world to donate to the building fund to finish the church & hall. The board is also asking individuals that can lend a loan to the church with documents guarantying the loan with churches title.

  Pop Risto  

Very Reverened Risto Ristovski
Very Reverend Risto Ristovski, the spiritual leader of St. Mary’s Macedonian Orthodox Church in Whittier - California a
s of now because the Holy Synod of the Macedonian Orthodox Church hasn’t assigned yet a priest to St. Archangel Michael church, the parish priest from MOC St. Mary in Los Angeles will be the assigned one. For all of the questions and needs please contact the priest using the info given below.

The priest can be reached at:
Phones: 562-841-5178 (cell), 562-699-5130 (home)

Letter from the Parish Priest


Church Plans and Elevations Plan1, Plan2, Plan3

Building Our New Church


The location of the lot where the church will be build

Macedonian Orthodox Church St. Archangel Michael
2900 W. Williams Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85306


  Created by Vlade Jordanov, November 2003