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The Church's Priest: Very Rev. Gorgi Pacemski


Very Reverend Gorgi Pacemski, the spiritual leader of St. Mary’s Macedonian Orthodox Church in Whittier - Los Angeles was born in Berovo, the Republic of Macedonia on May 6th,1966

He moved to the USA as a small kid having finished his elementary education in Syracuse, New York, USA.  Father Gorgi, moved on to the "Saint Clement of Ohrid" Theological Seminary in Skopje, where he received his Orthodox Theological education. 

In 1989 he was ordained as Deacon from the Archbishop Gavril in the church "Sveta Petka" in Skopje, Macedonia. Then he served as clerk of building the new Archbishopric Cathedral Church St. Clement of Ohrid, in Skopje.

Later after two years in 1991 he was ordained as a priest from the Archbishop Gavril in the church “St. Archangel Michael” in Skopje and then became the parish priest for Saint George’s Church in Petrovec - Skopje

After a 5-year period as parish priest at St. George’s church in Skopje, Father Gorgi in 1995 was sent to the United States by the Holy Synod of the Macedonian Orthodox Church to serve as spiritual leader and parish priest of St. Mary’s Macedonian Orthodox Church in WhittierLos Angeles, were he was ordained as a Very Reverend in the year of 2000 from the Archbishop Stefan.

Father Gorgi has been a great factor in the spread of Macedonian Orthodoxy in the state of California and the surrounding states.  He has helped in the establishment and organization of the future church of St. Archangel Michael Macedonian Orthodox Church in PhoenixArizona.

The priest can be reached at:

Phone: 949-380-7467 FAX: 562-699-0444



As of now because the Holy Synod of the Macedonian Orthodox Church hasn’t assigned yet a priest to St. Archangel Michael church, the parish priest from MOC St. Mary in Los Angeles will be the assign one.
For all of the questions and needs please contact the priest using the info given above.

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